Product: The prestigious K85 Beierplasm (K85) is now available for purchase and we are the only one authorized to issue a So Skincare System K85 Beierplasm Certified Therapist certification after training. Don't be fooled doing your K85 Training or buying a used device from anyone else!

Europeans have already been using this device for non-surgical treatments! 

Target Market: Women with fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, stretchmarks and/or sagging skin. 

K85 vs. others:

5 year warranty

Perfect auto mode launch button keeps released power plasma flash for each 25 seconds of treatment. 

Uses individual prepackaged disposable high quality copper probe that creates 0.06 mm micro thermal disruption to skin. No bleeding. Spark is stable so there is no need to keep wiping off brown carbon matter during treatment.

Elegant ergonomical light body design keeps working up to 4 hours with fully charged battery
& more

Plasma Flash: The K85 Beierplasm is based on atmosphere pressure, plasma technology and the system combination of plasma high frequency and voltage. The plasma flash is a heated ionized gas which is a fourth state matter. K85's dynamic sine wave technology and elite engineering waves are very quick changes in air pressure. Less disruption to skin, swelling and there is pink/red skin during healing.

Fibroblast Lift: The pen tip of the K85 Beierplasm doesn't touch the skin. The plasma flash contracts and causes excess skin to dry superficially and fall off in the form of tiny flakes between 5 and 7 days. Next, fibroblasts kick start the process of collagen production and this helps to reduce lines and wrinkles by inflating, plumping and lifting your skin. 

 K85 Treatment Areas for Skin Tightening for Fine Lines, Wrinkles & Sagging Skin (Face/Body):

#11 Furrow Lines
Crows feets
Forehead and frown lines
Smoker Lines and marionettes
Cheeks and Nasal Labials
Jowls and Neck
Chest, Arms, Legs 

 Age/Sun Spot & Skin Tag removal
Scar camouflaging
Acne Scarring
Microblade tattoo lightening
Check with your state to find out if this device is non-regulated and if you can provide this non-surgical treatment (no bleeding).

K85 Device 2019 Tour Training Dates:

1/20 & 1/21 Cape Coral, Fl
2/24 & 2/25 Orlando, Fl
3/19 & 3/20 Atlanta, GA
3/24 & 3/25 Sterling, VA
4/9 & 4/10 Philadelphia, PA

Stay tuned for future dates and cities